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“Sales Dinosaurs”…..need basic selling skills love too!

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“Sales Dinosaurs”…..need basic selling skills love too!


Back in the day we use to affectionately call those who’ve been in the sales profession for a considerable time “Dinosaurs” because of their “old-school” prehistoric ways of selling. Now don’t get me wrong these folks were some of your most successful sales people….they just never took to kindly to being trained GOOD BASIC SELLING SKILLS. I know this personally because I’ve tried to train them on basic selling skills (hahaha!!). In the sales profession often times basic selling skills are ignored or kicked to the side because of the rudimentary of their nature. Listening, Probing, Identifying Needs, Addressing Solutions are common basic selling attributes that are often overlooked because it’s just assumed that these traits are a given….but they’re never executed. Customers find sales people who just “Listen” most of the time they’re best sales people, and listening by far is the one area we ALL can improve on. I’m now one of those “Dinosaurs” and I can’t tell you how important it is to sometimes go back to learning how to ride that bike……..Basic Selling Skills Rule!!!


Checkout this past podcast from our network (The Sales Professional Network) where we had a great discussion on this very subject:


What are your thoughts on this subject?


“Sales Dinosaurs”…..need basic selling skills love too!




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