What I learned from “Rockie”……

beautiful rockie


She still to this day has impact on my life!

Rockie passed away last night March 14, 2013 8:30pm (EST) she was 14 years old……….please pardon me I have to walk away from the keyboard to blow my nose from crying.

It’s been 14 years past the expected time for most dogs to expire so we were blessed with Rockie’s presence unrealistically for a considerable time. However, it still hurts it hurts so much that my wife and I really thought Rockie was going to be around after we left this earth……a fantasy/dream that was broken up abruptly last night. As I left for work the morning of the 14th of March Rockie had a spring in her step as she ran up to me for a kiss, her sister Tuffy (who we still have and is our solace from last night’s events) often times competes with Rockie for my affection…..this is EVERY morning. Well, when I returned home from work yesterday something was different Rockie and Tuffy who typically rush to the door to greet me this time it was just Tuffy honoring my arrival. As I screamed almost to the top of my lungs for Rockie I noticed walking around the corner Rockie laying still on her floor pad in the living room. Rockie was awake sitting up staring at me no longer with this excitement but with this sense of malaise. As I walked over to her it appeared she hadn’t moved since the moment I left for work, and it was heartbreaking as she just looked up at me with this stare. I tried to pick her up so that she would be able to stand on her feet…….but she couldn’t, I tried to carry her outdoors to go to the bathroom….but she couldn’t. She just became limp as she stared at me as if to say “Andre I’m sorry I love you but it’s time for me to go”…….please pardon me I have to walk away from the keyboard to blow my nose from crying.
While this is a cliff note version of what really happened last night as I witnessed my 2nd best friend (after my wife) go away right before my eyes I didn’t want to give the granular play by play simply because I can’t without crying. However, I do want to go over what Rockie has taught me in the last 14 years and hopefully those of you who have experienced a loss like I have last night will know exactly how I feel right now and why sometimes the best lessons can come from your pets.

What I learned from Rockie

•Rockie was a very affectionate dog, I can personally improve in this area and she’s taught me it’s not difficult or time consuming to “Kiss” the ones you love when they’re alive…..and not when they’ve died.

•Rockie was a beautiful black retriever mixed with chow and she had the confidence and humility to not be worried how people viewed her……I’m a black man who has experienced such thinking and after my time with Rockie I’ve learned to not waste my time but enjoy the pigment God has blessed me with.

•Rockie was a “Servant Leader” she took great care of Tuffy (our 2nd dog) often times at the expense of her personal needs; I’ve now incorporated that attribute in my life by being a mentor and servant to the unfortunate. Before Rockie I was a selfish pig.

•Rockie never cared about the “spotlight” often yielding to Tuffy who can be a little princess sometimes (haha!). I’ve always been one who feels the need to compete for the “spotlight”….after learning from Rockie that sometimes those behind the scenes garner the most respect….I’ve changed that thinking.

•Rockie was an extremely focused dog often relentlessly looking for her ball as if it was her last meal, once she set her mind on something the objective was going to be met. I pride myself on getting things done, but, I’ve never had the focus as sharp as Rockie’s and it’s a development goal I continue to work on.

•Rockie went out on her own terms, no pain, no discomfort and her best friend by her side……me. I can only pray I have that good fortune when I leave this world.

•Rockie behaved like every day was the best day of her life……something we ALL can learn from.

“Rockie” was a real life “Marley and Me” and I’ll miss her devastatingly!

Thank you ROCKIE………!

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  1. So Sorry Amanda and Andre! Rockie has left Giant paw prints on your heart! I loved seeing the pics that you guys post of the pups.

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