How Do I Increase My “Closing Ratio”?


It’s a question I’m sure each sales professional says to him/herself at some point in their career….especially if their sales numbers appear to be tanking. The question really is “Do you keep track of your sales closing ratio and how do you define closing ratio”? As sales professionals you certainly track your monthly/quarterly “sales” performance and if you don’t I’m sure your “Boss” will….however do you have the same rigor for tracking your closing ratio/percentage? Okay, enough with the questions (haha!!). My opinion is you should track your closing ratio in correspondence to your “Sales” because it will provide you if anything an honest look at your skill level of selling.

Let’s be real if you’re in the sales business your job is to “Sell” nothing more nothing less and it truly comes down to that infamous line in “Glengarry Glen Ross”….ABC (“Always Be Closing”). However, because I’m a “Fundamentalist” I subscribe to the thinking that the art of “Closing” comes down to a simple basic question “Have You Deserved the Right to Close? You see there are a lot of sales professionals out there that do “Close” with a high degree of frequency but that does NOT mean or equate to sales success. The thinking that “Quantity” matters when it comes to increasing your “Closing Percentage” in my humble opinion is faulty thinking because if you have not done your work/due diligence upfront prior to “Closing” for that business your closing percentage for hearing the objection “NO” is going to be high…. not the type of high percentage you want. Prior to the sales call and the “Body” of the sales call is so critical when it comes to determining “How You Increase Your Sales Closing Percentage” and that’s something that needs to be microscopically examined first before constructing such a metric.


How Do I Increase My “Closing Ratio”?


“How Do I Increase My “Closing Ratio” is what we talked about during this podcast, check it out by clicking on the link:  




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