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PLEASE “Wolf of Wall Street”….was NOT a gifted salesman!!





PLEASE “Wolf of Wallstreet”….was NOT a gifted salesman!!


If I have to hear one more time that the real “Wolf of Wallstreet” Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo Dicaprio ) was a “Master Salesperson”…..I’m going to choke someone out (just kidding….no I’m serious!). The movie is gathering a lot of appeal and up for many of these “Winter Season Long” awards that we’ve been inundated with the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to catching the movie soon and because I NEVER comment on anything that I’m not fully competent on this post will not be a critique of the movie, but regarding a recent interview I saw on Piers Morgan where his guest was the real-life “Wolf of Wallstreet”. It was a rather engaging interview where the guest was very forthcoming regarding their actions running a rogue financial company and all the ridiculous trappings that came with it. The one theme that came through in the interview over and over and over again was this knucklehead’s gift as a salesman….which as you can imagine I wanted to jump through the TV and stop the ridiculousness. This gentleman was not a gifted salesman….his was a gifted con artist who in the end got caught and is now trying to repair his life.

Folks, this is why the “Sales & Marketing” business while I believe has had a significant impact on our lives as human beings (we wouldn’t exist if a sale wasn’t made!), movies like this in some way sets the profession back a couple of steps to those who aren’t paying attention. You see for the average person who’s not in a particular sales position or see it as a conniving, manipulative, and unscrupulous profession will see this movie and say “See, this is why you really can’t trust the man/woman salesperson at the car dealer….they’re ALL con artists and crooks”!. Now, let me keep this real we do have IDIOTS in our profession that reinforce theses negative stereotypes…this is NOT the norm. For those of us who love the “Sales & Marketing” business we have to stand up and call “B.S.” when we see or hear this kind of nonsense portrayed about our profession. The “Wolf of Wallstreet” doesn’t depict the world of a “Sales Professional”….it depicts the world of a “Con Artist” who was conniving, manipulative, and unscrupulous!!
I find it hilarious that now the real-life “Wolf of Wallstreet” guy is now doing guest speaking engagements and is implementing “Selling Skills” training workshops…..ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!! (HAHA!!). What’s not so funny is he’s probably doing spectacularly well because of who he is and NOT the “Value” of his lectures or quasi sales training programs….I guess that’s just the life we’re in.

Lastly, and I’ll say personally as an African American male I have to deal with ridiculous stereotypes walking out the door of my house everyday so I understand and fully comprehend the reality of what many honest, hardworking, and Integrity filled sales professionals have to go through…..on a much larger scale. This is why the interview on Piers Morgan and this joker struck a chord with me which precipitated me to post this blog.

I look forward to seeing the movie and even possibly providing you my critique, however, I’m comfortable in saying before stepping into the theatre “THIS IS NOT THE PROTOTYPICAL SALES PROFESSIONAL”….it’s a movie of hyper ably to sell tickets!


VIVA “Sales & Marketing” Professionals!!


PLEASE “Wolf of Wallstreet”….was NOT a gifted salesman!!


Andre’ Harrell
AH2 & Beyond Consulting

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