The word “Efficiency” while it has an official definition (“describes the extent to which time, effort or cost is well used for the intended task or purpose”) each of us interpret its use differently thus execute it differently. We’re moving into a time where there’s no advantage to just throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks….it’s analogous to throwing money at a problem and thinking that’s the remedy to all of our ails. How we best utilize “human capital”, “finances”, and importantly “TIME” is what’s going to separate the good companies from the great companies (that “Good” to “Great” philosophy). The trick is to become better strategic in your thinking on how you look at your business and ultimately the customer. I have to tell you I have been looking forward to this day where everyone is forced to take another look at how they evaluate performance or for that matter success.  In recent years strategic thinking in the form of “Efficiency” has been literally MIA and with the current global economic conditions that has caused a significant shift in how we look at our personal lives and careers, just about EVERYONE is grasping for ways to do more…..with less. This has positively in some ways created a push to develop different skill sets outside our current competencies. For example, if your entire career has been in a sales capacity you may be of limited value for a company looking to streamline its sales capacity and looking for someone who has both sales & marketing skills thus avoiding hiring two people. Every company I’ve come in contact with and I would guess even those I have not are moving to what’s called in corporate America “Centers of Excellence” which is a fancy way of saying efficiency. I am very familiar with the “Centers of Excellence” philosophy as far back as the early 90’s and its funny how many companies today are just now adopting many of the principles associated with the theory. In my humble opinion business success in 2014 will be predicated on your aptitude at being more efficient through the strategic placement of 3 resources (“Human Capital”, “Finances”, and “TIME”). Sales and Marketing processes such as “customer targeting”, “call planning”, “marketing asset planning”, and “brand management” are going to take extreme efficiency measures going into 2014. I’m predicting companies in 2014 and beyond will be aggressively searching for talent that have competencies in a variety of areas, and maintain a level of efficiency (“Centers of Excellence”). If you are looking for work or additional responsibilities at your company you would be wise to develop additional skill sets so that you’re a part of this “efficiency” type thinking moving into the future.   



“EFFICIENCY” is the new…..SMART!


If you’re in the process of completing your sales & marketing plan and agree with the message presented of “Efficiency”, I’ve attached a link that provides an example of a Commercial Business Plan that relies on “Efficiency” take a peek: click on link:



Andre’ Harrell (AH2 & Beyond Consulting)

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