“MY HAIR HURTS”….that’s why my sales stink!


Hey, I have to get something off my chest! I talk to sales professionals literally every day and it’s been recently where I’ve felt like saying “Why are you in the selling business?! I hear constantly nothing but complaints from sales people that have nothing to do with their #1 job “Selling” & “Closing” for the business. Yes, I will concede there are many things that drive you nuts in any sales job and trying to avoid those distractions can be testing. One of my biggest challenges when I operated a sales team was constantly trying to remove nuisance distractions that effected my sales people mentally….yes….mentally. I probably spent 30% of my time in a given day calling fleet car management for rep car troubles, computer problems issues, home office requesting my key reps to come in and train new reps….I mean the distractions were constant and none of them had to do with getting sales results. The responsibility I’ve always said of a sales leader is NOT to manage their teams but to “LEAD” them, and removing unnecessary distractions off their  plates can be taxing on any effort to “LEAD”.

However, with all that said I very rarely tolerated excuses from my sales people on issues they had no control over and I promised them on most occasions that I would take care of those “Un-Controllables”. It was by all measures a task trying to get sales people to stay focused on the task. Keeping a team focused and driving towards the “Vision” is 99% of a sales leader’s job and not allowing distractions unfortunately eats into that objective. 


“My computer doesn’t work”, “My numbers are incorrect”, “My Company Car Sucks”, “My Customers are Terrible”, “My Customers are mean”, “My Boss hates me”, “My Hair hurts”…….


“MY HAIR HURTS”….that’s why my sales stink!


Andre’ Harrell (AH2 & Beyond Consulting)


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