Two Friends Whispering Secrets in the Ear.

The Secret to Selling Success? “NOTHING”


C’mon….C’mon man REALLY?!

I was asked to participate in this round table discussion on the so-called “Art of Selling” and I was surrounded by some of the so-called biggest and best “Sales Experts” from around the country…..again “So-Called”. Now, I’ll admit I was humbled and flattered to be invited to participate with such an esteemed panel of experts but I’m not sure the organizer of the program did any microscopic research on my background prior to sending me the invitation. You see, I don’t believe there’s a secret to selling success and I don’t have a book, video tapes, DVD’s or YouTube videos touting a main ingredient….and quite frankly feel all that garbage is a CON. Think about it if there was a specific ingredient to selling success would there be an entire isle at Barnes & Noble touting various ingredients to selling success? Heck, would there be such a thing as a “Tony Robbins”?

So, you can kind of gather that I was the dissent guy on the panel….but I was professional and respectful as always. My thoughts on the subject has been fairly consistent in that there’s no such thing as a “Secret to Selling” because as human beings we’re not monolithic and our needs and wants vary tremendously. You see customers (like you and I) are fickle creatures…one day we want a new pair of black shoes…the next day we no longer want a new pair of black shoes. This is the dilemma and exciting challenge for the sales professional because it forces us to be a good listener, innovator, creator and…empathetic. Bear with me here, as sales professionals we are taught to investigate, probe and identify customer needs right? All of those tactics allow us to better understand the customer and uncover if they are interested in our product/service this activity is NOT A SECRET. Moreover, we know once you interact with “A” customer that “A” customer is not going to be the same as that “B” customer, in other words it stands the reason that if there was a specific secret to selling wouldn’t this secret be applicable to ALL customers….one size fits all right? There are however these over used mantras out there like value (which I use frequently), listening, building relationships etc that can help enhance the percentage to selling success but these aren’t secrets, they’re necessary traits of communication. The secret is some demonstrate these traits better than others.

The best salespeople on the planet embellish and perfect the art of listening, providing value, and building relationships. There’s absolutely no secret sauce just perseverance and the willingness to provide the best product & service better than anyone else! 


What are the BEST qualities of a salesperson?

Creating Customer Value BASIC Selling Skills22



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Andre’ Harrell

AH2 & Beyond Consulting


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