My favorite channel is CNBC….I LOVE SQUAWK BOX!  But it got me thinking…..:


INSTEAD OF ALWAYS FOCUSING ON DIVERSIFYING OUR STOCKS….shouldn’t we also diversify our skills?!

Today’s business requires an individual to have a portfolio of experiences, my last blog posting speaks the fact that in 2014 and beyond our ability to be more “Efficient” in how we execute our business goals will be a predictor to future success…..and I stand by that prediction. The result of being more “Efficient” as a business professional whether you’re in sales, marketing, operations etc etc will entail your ability to do more with less. The days of a corporation having a CEO who just specializes in finance but has no marketing, sales or operations experience for example are dwindling. Companies are moving away from hiring/promoting the individual who just does one thing….if anything it’s becoming too expensive to do so. That old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” has some validity but being a “Master” in only one area that is now obsolete…..can find you unemployed quickly. I will say however there’s still this tendency for companies to be microscopic in who they hire based on a specific skill set and depending on the industry that strategic thinking makes sense. However, corporations whose objective is increasing their global footprint may discover having a workforce with a variety of competencies could possibly give them a competitive advantage. The “Googles”/”Apples” of the world are trailblazers when it comes to finding talent that are multi-purpose, you would be kidding yourself if you think they just recruit “Tech Heads” who haven’t been well versed in other parts of their business. Think about it, how would you have an effective succession planning process if everyone in your company just had one skill….right? (haha!!).

It is my belief  that in order to achieve in your career both professionally & personally learning and obtaining additional skills are going to be vastly championed and needed as the future of business evolves. Whether it’s going back to school or pushing your boss/company to place you on projects that stretch your current competency, having a portfolio of experiences can be the best job security”. I myself have benefitted from having great mentors in my career that have shared their wisdom and helped me pursuit other disciplines outside my comfort zone. The funny thing is while I spent most of my career obtaining all of these various skills (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations, and Project Management) it never occurred to me the personal growth gained in accumulating those competencies. While my ambitious intention was to achieve a higher position in corporate America I didn’t realize the overall benefit of having a well roundedness in my development that has even helped me today. 

Today as I mentor and work with those in corporate America and those starting their own business I try to always stress the importance of diversifying your skills. Regardless whether you aspire to be the next CEO of APPLE or GE increasing your competencies provide you a sense of freedom and not lock you into an  area that will stifle your growth. 

The world is changing…in order to stay competitive your skills will have to change with it!




Check out my first article on “Competency Modeling” and helping 3 sales forces increase skill sets!


Andre’ Harrell
AH2 & Beyond Consulting

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