TOP LIFE SCIENCES “Global Sales & Marketing Plan”!


For my Pharma/Medical Device/Biotech Compadres!!!

Starting the process of building a “Global Sales & Marketing Plan” for any industry can truly be a “Brain-Lock”/”Frustrating”/”Humbling” experience. Believe me there have been times where I had No clue on where to start…..especially if I’ve had a prior challenging sales year. Putting together a comprehensive (yet concise), “workable”, and all inclusive business plan for any given can be a challenging task but it’s an extremely critical task to complete. In addition, another important angle to building your “Global Sales & Marketing Plan” is to ensure you have the applicable stakeholders included in the process….the best way to torpedo a finalized plan is to NOT include the folks who are going to be impacted by the plan’s rollout. Those of you who have been or are currently in corporate America can verify that if you don’t develop a “Planning Team” to build consensus on a finalized plan…NO ONE WILL STICK TO IT THROUGHOUT THE COURSE OF A YEAR. Another issue that could arise is the consternation that sometimes takes place between Sales & Marketing, and having the opportunity to work on both sides of the fence myself not having the two factions at the table will guarantee a failed result. Some companies have an infrastructure where Sales & Marketing falls under one person and I had the fortunate opportunity to be that one person in a company I worked for and it was much easier to bring both parties to the table….when you were in charge of both.  
I’ve always stressed that you should not wait till September, October or to say the least November to start creating a team to complete the following year’s “Global Sales & Marketing Plan”. The 2nd quarter of a given year is when you should start constructing a team (which takes time) and evaluating what is currently occurring in the market and what is anticipated from a “Situational Landscape” and “Forecast”.  I do believe you can chart your potential success for the following year by the diligence, forethought, and consensus input you place in the planning process. 

If you have any questions or would like me to help you/your company devise your “Global Sales & Marketing” strategy plan please do not hesitate to contact me at: (267-221-8529) I would be tremendously glad to help. I’ve had wonderful success in my career constructing a global sales & marketing plan that gets results!

Checkout the example plan….I hope it helps you!!

Don’t procrastinate preparing your “Global Sales & Marketing Plan” Checkout out this example for guidance (“Pharma”/”Medical Device”/”Biotech”)


TOP LIFE SCIENCES “Global Sales & Marketing Plan”!


Andre’ Harrell (AH2 & Beyond Consulting)



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