You know what bothers me? Well, a whole lot (haha!!) but what really gets me is the number of people who are in high positioned sales roles like VP of Sales/Chief Sales Officer/Chief Commercial Officer that flat out have no clue about “Coaching”. Now, I understand there are so many other priorities that go along with these roles I know this personally having been in these positions myself however I would challenge you to find a responsibility that has as much of a direct impact on a person’s performance. I’m always surprised when performance review comes around and many of these folks have no idea of the competency of their people and that can be only identified by microscopic coaching. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’ve had to coach a “Coach” I think you’ll agree that takes a different skill set. As I’ve mentioned VP’s on up have the complex task of managing, teaching, coaching, and evaluating those members that report to them who in turn have direct reports that report to them… there are many items to chew on the plate.  There are many different ways or some would say processes on how to coach those who are themselves in a leadership role, the “KEYS” are to obtain formal “Coaching Training”, making the time, and having it added as a “Core Competency” for the VP of Sales on up. I can speak ad nauseam about the fundamentals of coaching and quite frankly “How To Effectively Coach Your People”….rather than do that I’ll provide that insight in a presentation I’ve put together and throw out the olive branch to those of you who would like for me to teach, train, and coach these principles to your sales leadership. 

Please take a look at a presentation I put together on ways I think will provide you at least a starting point and if you’re interested in having me build a “Coaching Model” for your organization please contact me (the 1st consulting engagement is totally free!).  If you have any questions on what I placed together please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d love to explain my thinking and rationale in building this “Coaching the COACH” presentation.


Click on link to view presentation:




Andre’ Harrell
President/CEO AH2&Beyond Consulting





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