There is a movie called “Horrible Bosses” while very funny….very sad at the same time.


In the last I would say 10 years there’s been a lot of attention paid to the issues of “Bullying” in our schools and the result has been literally “DEADLY”. We’ve seen scars from the victims of “Bullying” and conversely funerals from those carrying out the “Bullying” or just innocent kids in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s absolutely no question something needs to be done and there are many organizations (mostly non-profits) trying to provide solutions to this growing epidemic. The days of yesteryears when you were taught to defend yourself and “sticks & stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you”….wasn’t necessarily true. Times have extraordinarily changed and the victimized are indeed fighting back where they haven’t in the past.

NOW, GUESS WHAT?!  For you out there thinking this is just a “youth thing”…..ummm think again. While there’s been plenty of attention paid to “Bullying” on the playground (with just cause), more attention has to be shined on “Bullying” at the office. Fortunately, I have not experienced being bullied in the office but interestingly enough I have found myself in the middle trying to stop it….which is probably why I find myself on my own now (laughing & serious at the same time). In corporate America as everyone who’s currently in that environment can verify there are many personalities (or corporate speak- “Social Styles”) confined in this claustrophobic box sometimes called the office and there can be WAR at times. The “Politically” dominant (“Drivers”) throw their weight around and the moment they spot blood (usually the “Amiable”), the steamrolling/disrespect goes full stream ahead and it is not only uncomfortable witnessing in meetings it’s somewhat shocking as well. Shocking in that you have grown adults behaving like they’re literally on the playground playing dodgeball where the athletic boys are trying to remove the heads of the pencil neck nerds, it’s a scenario that the only difference is age and environment….not necessarily maturity. I have literally been in meetings where the attacked have outright cried (“there’s no such thing as crying in baseball” didn’t apply here), and the person “Bullying” doesn’t relinquish it’s a blood bath. As much as I want to caution myself saying this but I’m surprised there aren’t more “Victim Retaliations” at the office. Today’s economic times have made getting and keeping a job a luxury and many people out there working in these environments feel they have no other choice but to suck it up and take the abuse. “Taking The Abuse”, is what scares me because sooner or later if you keep filling the balloon with helium eventually it’s going to……..

We all have in our careers unless you’ve been your own boss your entire life dealt with people (typically bosses) who were just downright impossible to work with. The line gets crossed however when there’s disrespect, verbal and yes physical abuse which I’ve witnessed that doesn’t get addressed. I mentioned in a previous blog post that there are way too many people in positions of authority that shouldn’t have that level of responsibility and in most cases are the culprits of such “Bullying” in the work place. Let’s be clear there are many forms of “Bullying” in the work place, one that is hidden but just as toxic is the “Passive Aggressive Bully”. The “Passive Aggressive Bully” appears to come across as nice and sincere but will cut your throat with the “Manipulation Knife” if you don’t concede to their will. These are backstabbers that don’t have your best interest unless somehow you can help them politically, the challenge exposing them is that they’re exceptional con artists who are politically astute.  The point here is just to state that “Bullying” takes on many different forms in the office and each are deadly and have the same venom as if you were that kid on the playground getting dodgeballs hurled at your head. We definitely need more attention paid to this environmental bullying and the consequences from ignoring this growing issue…..again could become DEADLY.

If you find yourself the victim of office “Bullying” seek help and I totally understand that’s easier said especially if you need the job, but self dignity and respect are virtues that GOD has blessed us ALL inherently with and bowing down to someone taking these away from you should cause you GREAT PAUSE.




Check out this podcast on the “Relationship between Employee and Boss”…..is there a way that both parties can work together in a highly stressed environment productively and harmoniously? It was a GREAT podcast!

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