“PARTNERSHIP” between Sales & Marketing…literally DUE or DIE!





“PARTNERSHIP” between Sales & Marketing…literally DUE or DIE!


Never before have we seen the importance of the partnership between Sales & Marketing so critical today in corporate America. If you’re fortunate to work for a company that believes in collaborating, communicating, partnership…..kiss yourself you’ve died and gone to heaven. Many companies through some fault of their own have suffered from the festering virus known as silo culture, a virus that can absolutely devastate a corporation. For reasons I can name that explain this consternation between Sales & Marketing, the biggest is this sense of competition and accountability between the two disciplines. Competition in that both parties feel they have the most critical responsibility when it comes to achieving profits for a company, however, what gets lost in this thinking is that either would be successful without the other. Accountability comes into play when there’s a “sales problem” both will say the reason they’re not successful is because the other is the problem. There’s this strange sometimes delusional thinking that each party thinks they can do the job themselves and whether a company has a marketing department it doesn’t matter because “My talent to get the customer to buy has nothing to do with marketing and has all to do with my hard work”….an actual quote I’ve received recently from a sales professional. Part of the issue is that neither function has a clue what each other does….I’m serious. Unless you have corporations whose culture enforces “Cross Functional Development” very rarely do you find sales people who have a marketing background and vice versa marketing people who have a sales background. I was fortunate in my career to work for several corporations that required you have multiple skills so as to maintain a lean multidisciplinary culture. However understanding the why behind the tension developed between Sales & Marketing is something most companies do not delve into they just chalk it up to silo and personality issues  which is the case sometimes but I would say it’s education the majority of the time. As long as the sales division assumes that marketing is nothing more than balloons, pretty brochures, and “tchotchkes” there will always be a problem between the two factions, and “Marketing” will continue to have this chip on their shoulder feeling  undervalued. While the majority of my career has been on the sales side I have a great deal of marketing experience both in subordinate and leadership roles, and I have to tell you the development I received from my  time in marketing was bar none more plentiful than my experiences in sales. This is not to say that marketing is more strategic than sales but that the two disciplines need to be a bit more educated on what each other offers in order to have a healthy respect for what each other does.Had I not had the dual experience provided me earlier in my career I’m sure I would possibly have the same disrespect for marketing as some folks in the sales business have for marketing.

Just my humble opinion, the best prescription for solving the internal corporate issues between sales & marketing is to have a Rotational Development function that’s part of a competency model so that both disciplines have the opportunity to exchange job experiences. A rotational development function can be implemented during the normal course of a business year with very little disruption on business outcomes and can be morale boosting and part of corporate succession planning.

If you have any questions on how to implement a Rotational Development function in your corporation please contact me and we can walk you through such infrastructure, in addition, help you develop your corporate “Competency Model”.

Bottom line, the best way to bring a company to its knees is to have a toxic relationship between sales & marketing……both functions that have an immediate impact on BOTTOM LINE CORPORATE DOLLARS!


“PARTNERSHIP” between Sales & Marketing…literally DUE or DIE!


Take a peek and click on the below link where I’ve put together a presentation you can use to develop a Commercial Harmonization Project that will not only breakdown that silo wall but provide marked results from a financial perspective.

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Andre’ Harrell

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