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“I will buy just don’t sell to me”….okay???  


We are all “fickle” creatures by nature, one day we want attention, the next day we want to be left alone……

As a sales professional being a “mind reader” is often times a prerequisite and determining when customers are ready to buy remains to be the “Loch Ness Monster” of mysteries, and it keeps us sales & marketing consultants in business. With that said I’m revising a former post entry named “People don’t want to be sold….really”? to “I will buy just don’t sell to me….okay”?! which provides a different twist to the conversation. For years the sales & marketing profession has tried to capture lightning in the bottle on implementing ways of getting customers to buy a product without selling them….I call it the “Jedi Eye Mind Trick of Selling”. This idea that customers don’t appreciate being sold to is both untrue and true at the same time if that makes cogent sense, it truly depends on the interaction. I teach, train, coach “interaction selling” based on the premise of “Creating Customer Value”. For those of you who have followed my blog posts (THANKS!) you may have come across a slide presentation I’ve facilitated called  “Sell Customer Value…instead of your product”!  ( ), I believe deep in my heart that most people thrive on personal attention to not only their needs but their passion. When you hear “People don’t like to be sold” what you’re really hearing is “People don’t like to be uninspired“. I’ve been fortunate in my career to be around some of the best sales & marketing professionals on earth which has inspired me to set up residence in the field, and what they all have in common is this ability to inspire people….not manipulate them. There’s a sense of sincerity in their approach and just being around them you feel you’re the only person in their world that matters, is this a gift or can it be taught? My honest answer is some people have that innate compassion compass that allows them to laser focus on the needs of others. The behavior of selling is not far different from the normal behaviors of life I’ve often said “Sales Mimic Life”, with some fault of our own as a profession we have placed too much confusing nomenclature around the basic fundamentals of selling when quite frankly it just boils down to “LISTENING WITH COMPASSION TO THE CUSTOMER”. I don’t prescribe to the notion that “People don’t want to be sold” because the context around that statement isn’t available and often times NOT considered….just to give that blanket statement who’s going to disagree other than me?


We ALL like to be sold “the Right Way” (i.e. with honesty, integrity, listened too, and care), so to generalize “People Don’t Like To Be Sold To” in my opinion is inaccurate. Your thoughts? I would certainly appreciate your opinion! Thanks!!

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