“BEING YOURSELF”…is not good enough!


In previous posts I talk about the importance of being “Efficient”, improving your “Competency”, and adding additional “Skills”……all to say “BEING YOURSELF”….is not good enough! We’ve all heard the saying “Just be yourself” and I understand that, no one wants to deal with a phony or someone who lacks integrity but we need to advance beyond that thinking to a higher level of purpose. In the business world I’m assuming many companies have thought about their business strategies for the following year…if you’re a top flight organization. Doing things differently is a cliché’ that’s become tiresome because NO ONE really wants to change because it takes time, effort, humility, and MONEY thus things get repeated….and things don’t get any better. I personally don’t want to be myself, I want to be better than myself both personally and professionally, but I know this will not be easy. I’ll have to dive into waters quite frankly I’m not comfortable with and I anticipate moments where I’ll say to myself “To Hell With This”!….but I’ll have to stay the course. So, I will not go through this alone (haha!!) I’m challenging you to “Not Be Yourself …Be Better”! If you’re a sales or marketing professional how will you be better at your job….or life? Will you be yourself or will you be a “Better Self”? What plans have you put in place to make a DIFFERENCE? I hope these are questions you ask yourself EVERYDAY….it could be the reason why you’re a success or failure.

A short post that needs no further commentary…….


“BEING YOURSELF”…is not good enough!


Andre’ Harrell

AH2 & Beyond Consulting


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