PLEASE TAKE THE TIME….to develop your salespeople!



The “Sales Business” is truly a “What have you sold today” type of business. Much like sports you’re typically remembered and compensated based on your most recent success….no one acknowledges or upholds performances from the past as in YESTERDAY (haha!!). We are in the instant gratification business and if you can’t “hang” you probably need to find another occupation……that’s the cold reality of the sales business. Now, I’ve gotten that out of the way…..I really hate that about the sales business because it devoids the elements of “Personal Development” and “Growth”. With longevity and perseverance people (salespeople) generally get better at what they do…..if they’re giving a chance to develop and their leadership pursues their development. It’s a fact that sales performance increases when people go through the development process, where “Failures” are common and learning from them are moments of GREAT REWARD.


PLEASE TAKE THE TIME….to develop your salespeople!



I shared my thoughts some time ago on “Sales Managers DEVELOP YOUR PROPLE”!

Take a listen and please share your comments with me (Thanks!):

click on link: http://bit.ly/szEXVm




Andre’ Harrell

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