“IPC MARKETING”….too complex for Silicon Valley!


Okay, yes I’m “hating” because I will never have the cognitive skills to succeed in “Silicon Valley”…..but my “Interpersonal Communication Skills” will outmatch anyone there!


No, I’m not being arrogant or egotistical it’s a fact that the most successful people have “Energy” and that energy is their ability to connect with people on an interpersonal level. What was mainly said about Steve Jobs’ success? Not his intelligence, Not his creativity, Not even his product….it was his ability to “CONNECT” with people. I heard he (Steve Jobs) was an absolute “A-HOLE” behind the scenes with his direct reports but they ridiculously adored him because of his passion and ability to get the most out of them…that’s “Interpersonal Communication Skills” folks. Today, what do they say about Tim Cook (Apple’s current CEO)? “Smart but dull”. Silicon Valley could serve themselves well by hiring someone like me to teach them the finer points of “IPC Marketing” and inserting “IPC” in their “Career Development Succession Planning”….but I digress. Unlike a lot of people out there I remain optimistic about our economic future because I truly think there’s a kid sitting in a dorm room or garage thinking about inventing a new disruptive product that will bring back the benefits of “Human to Human Interaction”. This whole idea that they are creating robots to have “emotional intelligence” is crazy especially when they have to be recharged, would if you needed an helping ear from a robot after a long day at work….only to find out that you forgot to recharge the damn thing before leaving the house (DAMN IT!!). People either unable to communicate or unwilling to communicate to another person “live” is a sad futuristic movie script and one I’ll say selfishly I hope I’m no longer around to experience. A life where there’s no energy between two people to me would be equivalent to dying….

What’s funny is we all downgraded and sometimes ridiculed the college degree in “Communications”, hell I did. The “Communications Degree” was a jock degree and quite frankly used as a “Con” to portray a legit curriculum. I’m hoping this liberal arts degree has changed its rigor over the years because I believe the “Communications Degree” will be the new “Engineering Degree” in the not too distant future. I majored in Marketing with a focus in “IPC Marketing” which at the time I was in college was considered a weak marketing degree….my how things have reverse course. You ask anyone if they are utilizing anything of what they learned in college today and many will say “NO”…I include myself in that research finding. However, it appears that we are coming full circle on what’s considered a “Valued” competency versus the traditional thinking that anything in science is the most necessary. Let’s be clear (and I’m NOT using my “IPC Marketing” skills to sell you), I’m not saying the “soft skills” are more important than “technical skills”, I’m saying “technical skills” are NOT more important than “soft skills”. Getting a degree at MIT is still impressive, however getting a degree in liberal arts at a less prestigious school is also impressive especially if there’s an emphasis on “IPC”. As I mentioned I am an optimist, I also go against the grain and there’s this huge societal norm push thinking that technology will surpass “Human to Human Interaction”. Until people cease to want to have an “Experience” that allows them to get out of the house and interact I just don’t see that happening, and as a matter of fact if we continue to see this “I can’t live without my I-Pad” mentality continue….you know there’s going to be a boomerang back “IPC” (Interpersonal Communication). The BEST gamblers don’t bet on the obvious…..

So, you heard it hear first (mark this post) “IPC Marketing” will be the next big venture/competency and those who implement it well will succeed. My business is based on “IPC Marketing”, and I’ve dwarfed it into “Creating Customer Value”. My approach has always been to create “Value” first before selling any product or services and the best way to do that comes from my overarching thinking of “IPC Marketing”. “IPC Marketing” offers the opportunity for people to “CONNECT” before they purchase, partner, or even marry. The universe spoils us with so many available gifts that include: “Energy”, “Nature”, “Emotion”, “Space”, and “LOVE”…..none of these GOD given gifts can be obtained by staring at a small screen or talking to a robot.


“IPC MARKETING”….too complex for Silicon Valley!


Check out my “Customer Insights” presentation. It utilizes my philosophy of “IPC Marketing” and perhaps I can help your company generate and keep customers using this format, if  interested in having me help you build your brand to “Marketing Excellence” my contact information is located on my contact page.





Andre’ Harrell
AH2 & Beyond Consulting

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johnb · August 19, 2014 at 8:54 am

Very interesting theory.

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