“KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT”….not brain surgery….not simple either!

As an business development account manager, your ultimate responsibility is to help drive the business. But at your level, it takes a deep understanding of the marketplace, solid business acumen, strong relationships, leadership…and hard work. In recognition of the competencies required to successfully do your job, we believe it is our job to help you be successful. With that in mind, we (AH2 & Beyond Consulting) have developed and are pleased to offer an interactive training curriculum targeted to address your specific "Key Account Management" needs. This post, "Key Account Management"....not brain surgery...not simple either! is designed to introduce you to the important concepts of building a "functional account management plan" that will create success for you as a business development professional. Below, you'll find two presentations (ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT OUTLINE & ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP/PRESENTATION) we hope you find both presentations helpful and if you're interested in having us help you build your organization's "Key Account Management" planning process please contact us at: andre.harrell@ah2andbeyond.com or our website: www.ah2andbeyond.com Thank you so much! Andre' Harrell AH2 & Beyond Consulting


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