Tired of the “HATE BOSSES” posts?


I understand there is a shortage of “Bosses” out there that are truly liked/appreciated but you know the saying “Show me a liked boss and I’ll show you an ineffective boss”. I am however getting just a little fatigued on the every other post that speaks to the “Hated Boss”….and the poor little employee.




Okay, I’ll stop brown nosing bosses. It’s a total over generalization to say everybody hates their boss but the fact of the matter is that many people either leave their company because of the person in charge…or they wouldn’t be sad if their boss came down with a deadly illness.  I think we can all agree that the role of a “Boss” has significantly changed over the years, and being successful at it has initiated a great deal of discussion. The ingredients to be successful as a “Manager of People” has become more complex and the ability to capture the respect and trustworthiness of one’s employees has become even more complicated. I can tell you however two words that will certainly “HELP” if you’re in a leadership position and you want to improve your relationship with your employees and those two words are “Humility” & “Competence”. Every article I’ve ever written on “Leadership” I have at least one or both of those words inserted in them because in the end “Life” comes down to “Learning” (Humility) and “Sharing” (Competence)…think about it. While managing people can be one of the most challenging things you can undertake it is the most rewarding responsibility if you truly care and support those who try to support you. Demonstrating “humility” is not a sense of weakness as a manager it’s a sense of strength knowing that you’re success depends on the “HELP” of others. Competence comes from knowing that your“HELP” made a difference in someone else’s life and in turn makes you just a little more smarter…see how that works?

So, a shout out to the “Bosses” who demonstrate “Humility” & “Competence” and are actually liked “Bosses” who get the most out of their employees!!


Tired of the “HATE BOSSES” posts?


Is there a “Blueprint” in being a successful sales manager or manager?

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