It’s “ENERGY”…..!



I’ve solved life’s key answer to success and sustained happiness…..“ENERGY”!

Okay, I’m ready to go on tour, sell a lot of books and become extremely famous because I have the golden secret to prosperity. YES, I’ll market and sell my “Energy” to YOU and you’ll absolutely LOVE ME, and will want to absorb my “Energy”. Before you buy it however, let me clarify I’m not referring to the “ENERGY” I obtain after running a 5K or throwing around weights in the gym, NO, I’m talking about my “Chakra” or “Air” that makes up me. You’ve heard the saying “When he/she walked into the room, they lit it up”, that has nothing to do with looks or for that matter exterior appearance it has a lot to do with the “Energy” they bring in. There are classic examples of where people have had assumptions about others and after meeting them kicked themselves based on those preconceived assumptions. Here’s one, you’re interviewing someone for a position and on paper they’re okay but not a differentiator however after talking with them the “Energy” they expound during the interview almost overpowers their CV and you find yourself hiring them because they’re so magnetic. I can go on but I think you get the point, how we channel consciously this “Energy” we all have can make huge difference in each of our lives.  We throw out words like “Passion”, “Inspiration”, and “Motivation”….believe me these behaviors take a whole lot of “Energy” (haha!!!). None of us (at least the sane) wake up EVERY MORNING with passion, inspiration or motivation; however, we ALL wake up with some type of “Energy” whether it’s positive or negative. The interesting thing is whatever “Energy” we’re given off at that moment…someone else is absorbing it. The next time the cable company tells you the cable guy is scheduled to come out to your house between 1 & 3pm and they don’t show up, I guarantee you once you pick up the phone to call the cable company the customer service rep is going to channel your “Energy” before you say “HELLO” (I’m expressing my negative “Energy” because that’s happening to me right now!!).

In the sales & marketing profession I believe a great deal of someone’s success is depended upon a level of “Energy”. Sure, there’s “Training” and “Competency Development” that provides someone the tools to be successful in sales and marketing but they’re “Tools”, the pull-through/execution of these tools is “Energy”. I’ve trained, lead, and coached in both sales & marketing and those who really separated themselves from the crowd had this “Energy” that was unmatched. Being a bit bias I enjoyed being around team members who exuded this positive “Energy”, I found them to be the most productive and engaging force on my teams. Just for the record, I have no scientific evidence that shows people with positive “Energy” are the most productive/engaging people….in my personal experience that’s been the case. I can say in the marketing profession it’s ALL “Energy”, and if you don’t believe me the next time you’re watching a TV commercial checkout how the volume goes up….that’s not just to get your attention. “Energy” from people, nature etc not only captures your attention it keeps it and that’s why as I mentioned earlier it can be so magnetic. I’ve always preached and continue to YELL that it’s not the sales cliché’ or specific marketing message that appeals to people, it’s the “Energy” behind the message that creates “Customer Value”. Companies like APPLE & STARBUCKS create “Energy” and they funnel that “Energy” to selected customers…..its sales & marketing “Centers of Excellence”.  

The beauty about “Energy” is you can control it, manipulate it, showcase it, and it doesn’t cost anything……yet it can make a HUGE difference in your life!


It’s “ENERGY”…..!


Andre’ Harrell

AH2 & Beyond Consulting


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