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FAILING into “Servant Leadership Luck”

FAILING into “Servant Leadership Luck”

Because like many of you I’ve failed on more than a few occasions in my life….but I’ve succeeded a lot and not necessarily only financially or career wise but “SERVANTLY WISE”!

Prior to venturing out on my own 8 years ago I spent a lot of time working with non-profit organizations exclusively pro-bono work where I was allowed to utilized my background experiences helping foundations in a variety of business roles. I have to tell you during that time I was probably the most happiest because I remained active, but it was the 1st time in my life where I felt valued and proud. While I would never return the competencies learned in corporate America which quite frankly have been used to help, mentor, and coach others today…..the satisfaction I’ve had and continue to have today helping the less fortunate is tremendously rewarding. Returning back to what I’ve been able to develop in corporate America is the basis for this post, however, it’s also to share why my failures can be “jewels” for others. Admittingly, I was one of those people who based success on the amount of money and positional power one had and honestly while these so-called attributes to success have subsided to an extent with me…..I still remain ridiculously ambitious just in a more humble way. I will never amass millions and that’s just being honest NOT a self fulfilling prophecy, but I will amass millions in “Valued Servant Leadership” that will be priceless and someday sitting on my death bed I can say……”I made a difference”!

Please do not get me wrong anybody reading this post has the opportunity to achieve great things, the question is what are those things“. I’m also not saying developing wealth or positional stature is wrong on the contrary I think it’s admirable when done honestly with an integrity focused. I do believe however in how the universe works from a “Currency” standpoint, the flow of giving always returns to the beginning point. My experience has been that every time I give my time both intellectually & sweat for some strange reason that giving process returns back to me, I’m also my most happiest when I’ve helped someone else in earnest. Here’s the reality, this epiphany that has come over me wouldn’t have happen had I stayed in an environment where nothing mattered but my job and bank account. Whether unfortunately or fortunately the time away from the “corporate America hustle” has forced me to re-examine “What the heck am I doing here…and what am I supposed to do”?

I’m so serious about this subject that I’ve made my company’s mission to serve those clients who make “Servant Leadership” an integral part of their culture, and I certainly understand that I’m in noway in the position to pick and choose what types of customers I work with I can only note that in order for me to fulfill my objectives in serving…I cannot operate as a light bulb by turning it on and off.


Andre’ Harrell

AH2 & Beyond Consulting




8 thoughts on “FAILING into “Servant Leadership Luck”

  1. This is very, very interesting. If we really think about it, we are better people because of the mistakes and failures we’ve experienced, not the successes in our lives. As a leader, I find myself welcoming the “teaching moment” as a coach and mentor. Although mistakes and failures can be detrimental, a setback, or even destructive to a project or job’s success, I find that making the mistake makes people better. The typical mantra is “learn from your mistakes.” But, it could be much more constructive than that. Be glad you made the mistake; it will make you a better person. I have, on occasion, told my people that I was glad they made certain mistakes because it give me the opportunity to show them the better way. So, I agree; failures make you a great mentor (and person).

    1. Dale,

      You and I are thinking alike on this subject!! I try to NOT get so down on my failures (or bad times) rather learn from it…teach to it!
      I really enjoy mentoring and being a volunteer outside my work so when I can share my experiences it makes it worthwhile.

      Thank you so much for your GREAT comments, and I look forward to reading your future posts!!

      Kind regards

  2. Hi Andre! You know how I love quotes, and here is one I want to share with you and your followers:
    “Some persons think they have made a success in life when all they have made is money.” ~Anonymous
    What a wonderful feeling it is to each other.

  3. Hi Andre,

    It is a real honor to read your posts & write-ups everywhere. I think the step you have taken to move from the ‘Corporate America Hustle’ to serving the mankind in many productive ways is really commendable. The post here where you share how failures teach you the biggest lessons in your life & make you a better person is very true.

    Failures let you analyze that there is still a room for improvement. And continuous improvement keeps us on in the long run. Also when one is trying to recover from failures, one tries more harder to achieve his/her goals which more certainly takes you further than what one had targeted.

    I also see your point where mention when you felt most happy working to help the less fortunate. This is a kind of feeling where you connect with people on an emotional level, there is no pressure of deadlines & even the buck load of work seems so easy.

    Hope to learn more from your comments. Btw, I read your comments posted on Harvard Business Review. This was one was from http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/10/why-leaders-dont-brag-about-successfully-managing-stress/



    1. Hello Litesh,

      Hey, thank you so much for visiting my website and reviewing the post…I’m so honored to receive your commentary/feedback. I feel very strongly about a lot of things (haha!!) and it’s great to receive positive comments back like yours. Thanks also for following my comments on HBR, I’m trying to become a regular contributor on their blog site…..but I understand it’s very competitive and you have to have a big reputation.

      Thanks again Litesh, I hope you continue following my posts!


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