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At Everwise, we’ve run thousands of successful mentoring partnerships with enterprise and high-growth companies. Each partnership represents a company’s investment in employees: new managers, women in leadership, new hires, and other groups that are looking to grow in their careers.




A local nonprofit chapter which offers mentoring to children of single parent families. Information on programs, volunteering and donations.


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ARTZ Philadelphia

ARTZ Philadelphia is an organization that links artists and cultural institutions to people living with dementia and their care partners. Influenced by science and sociology, ARTZ uses artistic and cultural experiences as keys to unlock creativity, create new memories, strengthen relationships, and replace fear with hope. ARTZ recognizes the wholeness that is inherent in each person, regardless of a diagnosis. We celebrate each person's capacity to fully participate in the journey of life. We believe that access to creative expression is essential to our human experience.




The Pureland Project works to empower grassroots movements for environmental sustainability and community wellness through experiential education. The project serves to give voice and support to underserved communities using the principals of compassion and non-violence.

The Pureland Project funds Garchen Rinpoche’s communities and three schools in Eastern Tibet. The project also provides services through its center in America at Ahimsa House, in Philadelphia, which will serve as a training center for non-violence and healing arts, while also raising funds and awareness around the projects and wisdom in Tibet.



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                                                                                                         Face in Water

Our purpose is to empower apprehensive individuals to be confident in and around the water. The result of our program will be inspired lifelong swimmers of all ages and abilities.



Child Find America

Child Find of America, Inc. is a national not-for-profit charity that provides professional services designed to prevent and resolve child abduction and the family conflicts that can lead.




Harley's Hope Foundation was created on the premise that no companion or service animal should suffer needlessly, and that the bond between human and animal should be preserved and protected in the face of life's challenges. Our foundation's ambition is to provide a holistic and prevention-based approach to alleviate animal hardship and to establish ourselves as proactive leaders in the welfare of animals and the human lives they impact.




                   Becoming One Community” opens the door to 2nd chances by developing those who have made mistakes into valued

citizens in society.


I'm so very proud to be on the board of the "BECOMING ONE COMMUNITY"

Our Founder: James E. Davis Jr.

VISION: “Becoming One Community" exists on its unwavering passion that EVERYONE has a right and duty to become positive contributors and role models in our communities. Our charge as a non-profit organization will be to create an environment where ex-offenders have the opportunity to pursue self-development and prove their "Value" to be productive citizens in society."

MISSION: The mission is to invest  in the lives of our ex-offenders  by providing comprehensive programs that will aid their re-entry back into their communities, this will result in not being  an “Ex-Offender” but a productive, valued member of society.

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