“BEST” sales & marketing asset?…TEETH




“BEST” sales & marketing asset?…TEETH


Yes, you read the heading correctly…the “BEST” of what the sales & marketing industry has to offer are the “chicklets” in your mouth. Now, let me admit I’m a sucker for a nice smile and I place a lot of credence in taking particularly good care of ones teeth. This is NOT to be superficial, narcissistic or plastic but an awareness that’s obvious….your teeth are probably your best asset if you’re in the sales & marketing business. Entertainers, TV pundits etc if you notice take this subject extremely seriously almost to a nauseating degree (e.g. fake dentures, extreme teeth whitening, caps etc), however, this shouldn’t minimize the importance of that 1st impression that’s critical in our business of obtaining customers.  A “SMILE” many have argued has eliminated many of the ills in our society and brought down the barriers many of us feel about one another. A baby’s smile will melt most; a handshake followed by an eyeball to eyeball smile could possibly end wars….let alone close that important deal.

Let me be clear, someone’s “Beautiful Teeth” doesn’t mean a hill of beans if there’s no substance behind the “Colgate Smile”. We’ve all had experiences with Mr/Ms “Cheesy” who we don’t trust because of the pearly whites so there is this mistrust of people who use this asset to advance manipulatively, but, we can easily spot those folks. It comes down to how you come across to others and some will say that “Verbal Communication” is most important and I wouldn’t disagree with that however there’s a critical form of communication that takes place prior to the “Verbal” and that is the “Non-Verbal Communication”. I would argue “Non-Verbal Communication” is on the heels of “Verbal Communication” as most important especially since we’re moving to a technology age where “Verbal Communication” is becoming obsolete….we talk into a machine more than we talk to each other face to face (REAL TALK!). The word “Gravatar” is part of our normal nomenclature and it’s only been recently that I even knew what the word means other than an image of a person in most cases….smiling.

This post while lighthearted has an important theme and that is if you have the opportunity to “SMILE” at someone you don’t know today…chances are you made their day. Today’s business is fiercely competitive and those that stand above the crowd aren’t necessarily smarter, better looking or even blessed with pearly whites what makes them stand out is their ability to use those assets in the most positive manner…and that’s what counts.


Your BEST asset are those beautiful “chicklets” in your mouth…use them wisely


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“BEST” sales & marketing asset?…TEETH


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