Why you don’t deserve “Good Customer Service”!


Why you don’t deserve “Good Customer Service”!

Let me just say first, the future’s biggest INNOVATION will be….“Great Customer Service”! I’m not sure if that will be in the way of robots or human beings but the next “APPLE” will have a customer service infrastructure unmatched.

Okay, getting back to the premise of this post most of us have heard the infamous “Comcast Cable Audio Recording” where the customer in good faith and respect is requesting a cancellation of their subscription and the customer service representative on the other side of the phone is NOT having it. Now, at first blush hearing this you’re thinking what an obnoxious jerk this customer service rep is for not having at least the decency to respect the caller and cancel the subscription….but on the other hand I’m not sure the caller handled the situation that great either. As we ALL know there are varying types of people (that’s what makes us all exceptional!), the “direct”, the “amiable”, the “analytical”, and my favorite (tongue in cheek) the “passive aggressive”. In any given situation whether it’s hostile or friendly most of us can adjust and summon the behavior that fits that particular situation, in the comcast cable audio customer versus customer service rep “pay per view bout” while I thought the customer service rep could have been more professional, the customer could have been more direct and not so passive aggressive. As with most communication it’s how you say something versus always what you say and I just felt the customer could have done a better job getting the attention of the customer service rep in a more firm/between the eye balls way while still remaining professionalism. As salespeople we’re taught to not give in so easily and if you think the customer service rep from comcast cable wasn’t trained to do that than well…you just learned something. I can remember like it was yesterday working in big pharma I was calling on an account with a proposal in hand this was going to be a win of epic proportions, and I actually had good rapport with the account.  After some haggling back and forth on some particulars the account ‘s supervisor ended with a “I’d like to think about it some more”, I spent at least 4 months on this account and I needed to wrap up this business before mid-term so guess what I decided to do? Yep, become more aggressive. The account supervisor who I thought highly of didn’t waiver his professionalism looked me square in the eye with a stare that sometimes wakes me in the middle of the night and said “I need to think about it some more”.  It was a direct pointed look that had NO ambiguity, and I knew at that point to back off and live to fight another day. Now, even though that was an in person interaction and not over the phone you can still have that same firmness when conveying your position, and I felt the customer could have done that with the comcast cable customer service rep.  

The title: Why you don’t deserve “Good Customer Service”! is really implying that true customer service works both ways. If it’s possible to merge together customer service & merchant service to make one name then I think you have an innovation where ALL parties involved would deserve “Good Customer Service”…and NOT just the person walking through the store front door. No question EVERYONE deserves and should expect respect, customer service or no customer service that should be an expectation…again among both parties. As a society we’ve gotten to the point where the saying “treat those how you would like to be treated” is no longer a human pact, and this sense of entitlement that says “I’m a paying customer and I can treat you like garbage” or “Look, I hate this job and I don’t care how I treat you” attitude needs repair. 2014 Temkin Customer Service Rating (TCSR) rated the highest and lowest ranked companies with regard to their customer service:

#2 Amazon

#9 Starbucks

#232 Comcast

There’s a reason why people will stand in a mammoth line for a $5 Latte!

The future’s biggest INNOVATION will be….“Great Customer Service”!


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