Back in the day I could put away a “Big Mac” in seconds and fries in milliseconds….all before my next sales call. I went on to have this type of diet for many years while out there beaten the pavement chasing customers and it never occurred to me later on how I would pay for such poor habits. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes are staples in my family and having such poor diet hygiene back then wasn’t too smart. Today, I have an insane diet/exercise lifestyle where almost every morsel  I place in my mouth is diagnosed and examined before consuming. Many of my sales & marketing brethren that I see at airports, meetings, conventions etc unfortunately don’t abide by good eating and exercise habits. Most sales people who do not report to an office everyday but are always on the road sometimes don’t have access to good food. The “Cinnabon” stations, the quasi Asian restaurants and the main-stays “McDonalds” and “Burger Kings” are littered all over the place in airports and off high-ways and when you’re starving between calls guess where you go to fulfill that requirement? The last few years of my selling career I used to carry my lunches in Styrofoam buckets and pull over to a park or rest stop to eat…that was a major transition in my life back then and that habit/discipline has carried over to my current life. It’s a fact, selling for a living takes a great deal of energy (e.g. traveling, long hours, demanding goals) and having a healthy diet and exercise regimen should be a priority of yours throughout the rest of your life.

I am NO professional when it comes to instructing on proper diet or exercise, however, I always try to find those who are and I was ecstatic to find a notable professional in the field of diet and exercise to come as a guest on my internet radio show “The Sales Professional Network”. Check out my podcast where I interviewed Stacey Shipman (Speaker, Writer, Public Speaking Coach, and Founder of “Healthy South Shore”.

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