Personal/Professional Leadership Development Coaching

Currently working with individual clients from corporate America interested in improving their business presence and competencies in their given roles. Following a specific coaching process has allowed me to uncover a variety of issues facing today’s corporate leader that otherwise would either go unnoticed, or unfortunately ignored. Ambiguity is a big challenge in today’s business environment and I help business leaders cut through the ambiguity especially as it relates to their personal and professional development.


BEA BOXX (Faculty at Southern Technical College)

"I met Andre at a crossroads in my career, and he was instrumental in helping steer me into a new and exciting direction. Andre is always upbeat, positive and willing to share his knowledge and experience. He has high integrity and character. He keeps the chain moving, never expecting pay back, but always paying forward. Andre is a great teacher, mentor and leader."

The following are specific competencies worked on with clients:

  • Executive Presence: Managing Crisis, Public Speaking, Team Leadership, Confidence, Gaining and Strengthening Credibility, Trust & Integrity.
  • Influence/Negotiation: Collaborates with colleagues and develops viable long-term strategic solutions beyond business expectations. Building Consensus, Getting Buy-In, Win/Win Dynamic.
  • Inspire & Motivate: Build confidence, loyalty, and enthusiasm through constant training, development, support, reward, promotion, and individual consideration. 
  • Managing Up: Develop and sustains cooperative working relationships.  Providing “Internal Value”, Collaboration, “Communication Boomerang”, Leading in Parallel.
  • Sets Strategy & Direction: Can Lead and promote customer-focused strategies, and ensures strategic imperatives are transformed into actionable business plans.
  • Personal Brand: Building a Personal “S.W.O.T. Analysis”, 360 Feedback Process, Performance Review, Building “Personal Vision”.
  • Change Management: See change as an opportunity; manage change to optimize outcomes. Building Allegiance, Communicating Transparency, “Value Management”, Providing Direction Effectively.
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking: Takes a leadership role in analyzing problems and issues that have an impact across all sectors of the business. Innovation, Creativity, Empowerment, Leadership.
  • Manage Business Complexity: Make timely, insightful decisions based on the best information available, and takes effective action incorporating reasoned risk-taking. 

Coaching Process:

  • Develop Work-Schedule
  • Develop “Information Inventory” with client
  • Complete a “Personal/Professional S.W.O.T. Analysis”
  • Develop Strategy (Baseline-The Process-Goal)
  • Create “Milestones” to ensure focus on Goal
  • Develop “Plan of Action” Plan (I create realistic business situations so that we are able to implement what has been learned)
  • Develop “Execution Schedule” (time-bound to ensure accountability to agreed upon goals)
  • Revisit “Information Inventory” (Examine “Lessons Learned” & Best Practices)
  • Complete Personal/Professional Development Plan (a complete documentation of competencies delivered and work in progress)                   






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