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Save your money on the over-priced narcissistic motivational speaker! I apologize; I’m way too late on this post you’re probably just finishing up preparing for 2018’s National Sales Meeting Kickoff.  Typically getting a committee together with representatives from each department, organizing the agenda/content, bringing in vendors, having meeting run-through’s etc takes additional time…so I should […]

Management Consulting Strategies

TOP LIFE SCIENCES “Global Sales & Marketing Plan”!

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      TOP LIFE SCIENCES “Global Sales & Marketing Plan”!   For my Pharma/Medical Device/Biotech Compadres!!! Starting the process of building a “Global Sales & Marketing Plan” for any industry can truly be a “Brain-Lock”/”Frustrating”/”Humbling” experience. Believe me there have been times where I had No clue on where to start…..especially if I’ve had a prior […]

Professional Selling Excellence

“Sales & Marketing Performance Competencies”….MUST HAVES!

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      Let me just state upfront I’m a HUGE “Position Competency” supporter, fan, and cheerleader. There are companies that do an absolutely fantastic job in evaluating the yearly performance of their employees because of a system called competency modeling that’s followed throughout the entire year. One of the challenges of measuring lets say the […]