Aubrey Shipway
"Andre' is a true professional. He sets clear goals and expectations and provides his agency partners with all the tools, information and support to deliver. Andre' makes himself available throughout the process and is truly collaborative while always leading the team. Andre' has always been a pleasure to work with and I would welcome the chance to partner with him on any training program or communications project."
Kim Brown Riso
"It is a real pleasure working with Andre'!! He is extremely responsive and reliable. Andre's attention to detail and vast experience made all of our projects a huge success. Andre' is highly respected by his peers and partnering vendors - he is an asset to any organization."
Sidney Mallory
"I have know Andre’ both personally and professionally for over twenty years. Andre’ has held various roles of responsibility and leadership with blue chip firms like J&J and Novo Nordisk. Andre’ has taken on international assignments and has even has found time to launch his own successful entrepreneur endeavors. Andre’ is the personification of excellence, professionalism and integrity. He has accomplished these attributes while at the same time producing desirable outcomes. I consider Andre’ someone I can trust and to bring great ideas, creativity and innovation to whatever he sets his mind to." "I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Andre’ on the “Andre’ Harrell” show his internet based talk show that focuses on business topics facing leaders in the selling community. The topics he discusses are always refreshing, thought provoking and relative to the market place." "Andre’ is a transformational leader and would make an excellent addition to any organization that is looking to increase performance while at the same time enhance company culture. " Sincerely, Sidney G. Mallory
Richard Kelsey
"Andre' provided superlative leadership in the Biopharm division at Novo Nordisk. Single-handedly, Andre' built the training department there and trained scores of executives in executing a sales model that helped to ensure the disproportionate success of the division across multiple product lines. It was a pleasure to work with Andre', a leader in the industry."
Bea Boxx
"I met Andre at a crossroads in my career, and he was instrumental in helping steer me into a new and exciting direction. Andre is always upbeat, positive and willing to share his knowledge and experience. He has high integrity and character. He keeps the chain moving, never expecting pay back, but always paying forward. Andre is a great teacher, mentor and leader."
Diane Le-Farnham
"I contribute my success at Janssen Pharmaceutica to Andre' Harrell, where I finished my first full year as the eighth representative out of 340 sales representatives and was a President's Trophy Award Winner. He took a risk when he hired me without any sales experience and taught me how to analyze my markets smartly and to sell effectively. His passion in sales helped me succeed in reaching my sales objectives
Charlie Shaw, Ph.D.
"I've had the opportunity to interact and work with Andre' on a very important strategic project that will have major positive implications on the "Life Sciences" industry as part of the Research Team for the National Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Association. Andre' is successfully serving as project manager and continues to be a vital member of the projects future success. I appreciate Andre's leadership and vision but most importantly his passion to help others succeed which is a rare commodity in today's business world."
Donna Linder
Enjoyed working with you too Andre...on to new graphics that speak to our vision and mission!-Donna Great working with you Andre’ – you really helped bring it all into focus. Thanks again and Best always -Mark
Margaret F.
" Andre was an incredibly dedicated leader. He helped me through the parts of marketing and branding that just aren't 'my cup of tea'. His patience and dedication to the projects allowed us to work beyond the original project goals and accomplish what the PURELAND project really needed. I am filled with gratitude for his generosity in offering his professional skills. I highly recommend his services for those who are serious about getting some work done!"
Kim Shults
"Andre' is unbelievable to work with and is extremely professional. He took an organization in its infancy and delivered a clear and concise description of it. He guided me through the entire process, asked tough questions and figured out details I wasn't even aware of. Amazing!"
Bob Thomson Senior Director Finance
"Andrè provided critical strategic and tactical direction on the relaunch of a branded product into a very challenging market segment. His extensive experience and insight helped create the messaging and identify the targets that gave us the greatest opportunity for success."
Christina Blosser EVP/Client Services Partner (GSW)
"I had the pleasure of connecting with Andre a few years ago and helped facilitate his contracting with a client. Andre is an experienced brand builder and marketer. He's particularly good at bringing structure and discipline to brands. His diverse skill set and collaborative nature helps his team's succeed - even in the most high pressure situations".
Maria Cristina Antonio Healthcare | Research | Analytics | Strategy | Leadership | Lifecycle Management |
"I have had the opportunity to work with Andre in his role as Marketing lead. His contributions to the team include development of strategy, coordination with Senior Management and leading Sales Force initiatives. Andre's leadership was instrumental to garner commitment and support from the organization in for a branded product in a heavily genericized and complex market. It was a pleasure working with Andre, and I hope our paths cross in the near future."
Hi Andre, I wanted to let you know that I had a mid-point check in with Melissa, and she had so many wonderful things to say about you and the partnership, that I had to pass it on. Here are some of her sound bites.... "What I like about my mentor is that he challenges me and asks me lots of questions. We have very thought provoking conversations. This process led me to what is important to me. I think we are progressing well. He's very easy to talk to and has amazing experiences to share. He's getting me to where I want to be." Great work here! Thanks for all the time and energy you are putting into this relationship with Melissa. Have a great week! Best,