"I have had the opportunity to work with Andre in his role as Marketing lead. His contributions to the team include development of strategy, coordination with Senior Management and leading Sales Force initiatives. Andre's leadership was instrumental to garner commitment and support from the organization in for a branded product in a heavily genericized and complex market. It was a pleasure working with Andre, and I hope our paths cross in the near future."
Maria Antonio
Healthcare Research Strategist
I had the pleasure of connecting with Andre a few years ago and helped facilitate his contracting with a client. Andre is an experienced brand builder and marketer. He's particularly good at bringing structure and discipline to brands. His diverse skill set and collaborative nature helps his team's succeed - even in the most high pressure situations
Christina Sakran
Director Flywheel Partners
Andrè provided critical strategic and tactical direction on the relaunch of a branded product into a very challenging market segment. His extensive experience and insight helped create the messaging and identify the targets that gave us the greatest opportunity for success.
Bob Thomson
President Thomson Consulting, LLC
I've had the opportunity to interact and work with Andre' on a very important strategic project that will have major positive implications on the "Life Sciences" industry as part of the Research Team for the National Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Association. Andre' is successfully serving as project manager and continues to be a vital member of the projects future success. I appreciate Andre's leadership and vision but most importantly his passion to help others succeed which is a rare commodity in today's business world.
Charlie Shaw
Technology Commercialization Manager
The first time I met Andre' I knew that he had the "it" factor. I was blown away by his experience, his charisma and his expansive sales and marketing knowledge. All of these characteristics are great and they are needed in the training and consulting industries. But, Andre' goes a step further, because he is truly sincere and passionate about doing business the right way. He believes in training. He believes that people are worth investing in. And Andre' doesn't just believe, he has done these things and continues to do them! I am proud to have worked with Andre' and I look forward to doing more things with him in the future. I highly recommend Andre'--he has "it" because he just gets it!
Robert Loggins MBA
Director Human Resources Bush Brothers & Company
Every now and then timing and opportunity allows one to make the acquaintance of a very special person, a consummate professional with superior communication and organizational skill-sets that makes your head spin. That person is Mr. Andre Harrell. He represents the epitome of a seasoned leader, adept facilitator, smooth moderator, tested negotiator and graceful communicator. Andre first came to my attention through a LinkedIn Discussion he initiated and led last year. He successfully guided the discussion generating remarkable interest and input so appealing that the original question morphed into other related areas of importance tied to the original question. Always poised to offer praise but never reluctant to tactfully bring the discussion back in line, Andre displayed a combination of the skills referenced above. His commitment to his LinkedIn Discussion didn't end there. Andre moderates an online sales discussion with guests with an expanding audience base. Versatile and adept, Andre shows the seasoned among us that wisdom can be a young person's forte. I would recommend Andre to lead, manage or direct sales operations in any organization.
Felix Nater CSC
Certified Security Consultant
Andre" is pleasure to work with and is an excellent team builder. He is competitive, committed to what ever project he is working and has a background built on success.
John Landis
Chief Operation Officer Marathon Medical Corporation
Andre' is a true professional. He sets clear goals and expectations and provides his agency partners with all the tools, information and support to deliver. Andre' makes himself available throughout the process and is truly collaborative while always leading the team. Andre' has always been a pleasure to work with and I would welcome the chance to partner with him on any training program or communications project.
Audrey Shipway
Business Development Client Services
Andre' is a outcomes focused manager with a sincere concern for his sales reps. Andre' introduced me to the "sense of urgency" when it comes to the buisness plan. He pushed me to make the tough calls. In fact, I recall him saying things like, "if you're coasting, you're going down hill". But, he always took the time to offer a pep talk and an ice cream cone if I had a bad sales call, or needed some extra guidance. He is truely a class act and stands out as one of the most memorable managers I've ever worked with.
Shelli Stinson

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