The “BLURRED” line between the “Sales Profession”….and LIFE!


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The “BLURRED” line between the “Sales Profession”….and LIFE!


If you’ve been in the sales business (regardless of the industry) for a number of years in all likelihood your career has often reflected your life. Dealing with people you may not have a connection with, asking them to do something they may or may not agree to do, sustaining rapport with people that can sometimes lead to long lasting relationships….being told NO or ignored as if you had a plague….being told YES and experiencing exultation as if you were king/queen of the world at that moment. All of those experiences I bet you thought I was talking about your career as a sales professional…..when indeed I could have been relating to your personal LIFE. I’ve always felt that the “Sales Business” often times mimics our “Life” and the lines are somewhat blurred between the two…..the best sales people in the world realize this in most cases years into their career. Being a success in the sales business is probably not that far away from being a success in your personal life.

I conducted an interview with an expert and successful entrepreneur in discussing this interesting topic and I think you’ll find after hearing this podcast that there’s not much difference between the “Sales Profession” and “Life”……keeping them both in a healthy perspective is paramount!


Enjoy the interview by clicking on the below link (Thanks!):


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