When your “GIFT”….doesn’t pay the rent


When your “GIFT”….doesn’t pay the rent

After all the craziness that was Lebron James’ return back to his hometown to play basketball I thought to myself….why him?

Now, the “Why Him” reference is theoretical and refers to those bestowed, blessed, anointed etc etc with a “Gift” we all deify. Lebron James is “the moment” right now, I thought the same thing when Michael Jordan was king of the world where people paused their life if these idols did ANYTHING seemingly news worthy. Stepping back and consciously witnessing this phenomenon has me always saying….WOW!

I can’t be the only person on this planet who asks themselves everyday why wasn’t I given “The Gift” that matters or that is so highly regarded as shooting a ball through a hoop? When I think of the teachers, janitors, waste management people (politically correct name for garbage men), factory workers, occupations we pretty much ignore and even disdain yet depend on for our survival. Yeah, I know the argument “Andre’ are you going to pay your hard earn money to watch a teacher teach or a factory worker tighten a bolt on a car”? Answer is NO….but why would you pay your hard earn money to go see someone run into an end zone with a football knowing YOUR GIFT won’t pay the rent. The old saying “Life isn’t Fair” is far too simple and to me inaccurate, I would change it just a tad to “Life isn’t Serious”. Think about it, what we value, what we deem worthwhile of our attention isn’t too serious and I would argue a dulling of our intellect. Having said that however we all need that “Escape”, the moment when you just want to go to “LaLa Land” and be free of all worries and problems that life has to offer without taking pharmaceuticals to achieve that objective. My question is why do we pay all this money to go “Mentally Bye Bye” when most of our “Gifts”….won’t pay the rent. Years ago athletes, actors, people in the “Entertainment Business” had to have 2 jobs just to make ends meet, playing football was almost a hobby and making any money from it was considered a “Gift”. There are sad stories that football players in the 30’s & 40’s who were badly injured from their playing days couldn’t afford consistent treatment of their injuries after playing and some of them committed suicide because of it. This is not to say we revert back to those times, but the perspective of evaluating what we value versus what our “Gift” can truly afford should be examined.

As I continue to read that more and more Americans will not have the necessary skills to obtain or maintain jobs in the future I wonder if the tide will change on the “Value” we place on the superficial versus that which can help us ALL evolve into servants for one another (hmmm!). The thirst for keeping up with the Kardashians and praising the arrival of Lebron James in Cleveland who by the way will ink a 20+ million dollar a year contract to play basketball…may be quenched as time goes on. The fortunate possibility of all this is that “Industry” from all the deity  we place on these “Gifted Human Beings” could create opportunities for others that would help the economy and finally show these folks as “Servant Leaders”….to us (wouldn’t that be a beautiful dichotomy?).  It is said that Lebron James going back to Cleveland will boost the economy there two-fold which means jobs, opportunities for those less fortunate, which is wonderful and a shame at the same time. Why does it have to take someone throwing a ball through a hoop to bring an entire community back to life? Wasn’t the “Inspiration”/”Opportunities” always present? The answer is YES….it’s valuing each others “Gifts” on that very same level.

From the outside looking in we ALL would like to have the “Gifts” of the famous because of the huge “Hero Effect” these people have, but I would contest that the real “Gift” is one that gives you the power to change someone else’s life and while you most likely will not be “deified” or even noticed….the person you’ve helped will think you’re much bigger than Lebron James!  

When your “GIFT”….doesn’t pay the rent

Andre’ Harrell

AH2 & Beyond Consulting




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