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Charlie Shaw, Ph.D. Wake Forest University

"I've had the opportunity to interact and work with Andre' on a very important strategic project that will have major positive implications on the "Life Sciences" industry as part of the Research Team for the National Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Association. Andre' is successfully serving as project manager and continues to be a vital member of the projects future success. I appreciate Andre's leadership and vision but most importantly his passion to help others succeed which is a rare commodity in today's business world."

Developing A High Performing Team                                                                                                                                              (Download the full whitepaper below)

VALUE PROPOSITION ADDRESSING CUSTOMER OUTCOMES                                                                                       (Download the full whitepaper below)

"The CUSTOMER"....who is she/he?                                                                                                                                               (Download the full whitepaper below)

CROSS FUNCTIONAL LEADERSHIP WHITEPAPER                                                                                                             (Download the full whitepaper below)


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  2. As a new startup and novice in the entrepreneurial world, this is the perfect playbook to keep a founder business focused and a step by step on how to stay on track. Every startup should review this monthly…if not weekly.

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